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We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Petroleum Club of Bakersfield
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Club Information

Bakersfield North

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Petroleum Club of Bakersfield
5060 California Avenue
Bakersfield, CA  93309-0728
United States
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First Tuesday meeting of the year 2018 “took off” with a presentation hosted by Richard Strickland, Kern County Airport Director. Mr. Strickland comes from a long experience in airport management and has been improving its service. The goal is to expand the runway to be able to allow larger aircraft to land and to increase the number of flights. Our guest, today, helped us understand how intricate his position is: it’s a combination of obtaining state grants, analyzing the demand to understand which routes to activate, while working with air companies to create better and more services for our city of Bakersfield. “Oil industry had a big effect!” Mr Strickland said. We can all imagine that once the price per barrel dropped, causing our local oil industry to shrink, flights to Texas and other states have become less in demand to the point that air companies terminated the service. However, now that the oil industry seems to be improving, the possibility of reopening this route is increasingly feasible.,
Such an interesting topic was followed by many questions: “why not a flight to Sacramento?” asked one rotarian, or “to LAX?” wondered another; “smaller aircraft to accommodate fewer passengers,” suggested someone; “why not International?” inquired another. Mr R. Strickland answered all the questions with knowledge about the topic. “Kern County Airport” was a great choice to open the new year. Thanks Mr. Strickland and best wishes on your endeavor.
Welcome to 2018!  I hope everyone had a great holiday with family, friends, loved ones, and so forth.
I sent out to the membership the recap of the Rose Bowl float sponsored by Rotary.  I was not at the parade, but was at my parents in La Canada and we went down to the construction site of La Canada's float and watched it being judged the day before the parade.  That was truly fun.  One thing you may not think about is how good the floats smell being adorned in fresh flowers!
This was La Canada's 40th straight year of having a float in the Rose Parade and, like the Rotary float, it was an award winner again! A copy of that float at close range just before the judging is below.
Come join us this coming Tuesday as we hear from the director of our local airports!  See you then.
President Bob Brumfield
Christmas is nearing and members of Bakersfield North Rotary along with guests enjoyed a concert provided by the Bakersfield North High School Choir. This event is always a favorite meeting of the club! A talented group of sixteen, mostly sophomores, led by Mr Bertrand , chorus director of North High School, delighted today’s participants with classic carols and some less known ancient ones, dating back 700 years.  What an unique experience! But this event was, I’m sure, memorable to the choir as well. Upon completion of the Christmas carol medley, Mr. Bertrand invited us Rotarians to contribute toward an upcoming overnight trip to Los Angeles area in order to perform at different events concluding this tour  in Disneyland as a reward to the students. In exchange for a donation of $5, the choir would call anybody in the world on behalf of the donor and sing a carol song on the phone. Little did they know that a check of $500 was going to be donated to them following the event! The gasps from some of students was priceless! However, some Rotarians decided to delight some of their loved ones with a Christmas song and donated money to the choir. What a joyful moment!
ʼTis the season to enjoy good food and time with family and friends: may this Christmas holiday be memorable for all of you. See you next year!
"Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF) provides a crucial medical service to those who cannot afford health insurance and don't qualify for any state funded programs. Those people who are hard workers and harvested the salad you and I are enjoying today!" Dr. Jorge Enriquez began his presentation with this powerful statement. Dr. Enriquez, a well know Bakersfield surgeon continued: "We are an organization who has a professional network of providers, qualified and certified in the state of California. All of them committed for their motivation, maturity, and responsibility to help the most needed in our community - the ones who cannot access health services due to lack of medical insurance."
In many cases, they delay their medical attention because they can’t access treatment, worsening their condition day by day. C.S.F. partners with hospitals, surgical centers, providers, specialists, labs, imaging facilities, etc., to reduced fees for their services, lowered in such a way a total cost to the patient for a surgery is $5 - 6,000.
Furthermore, C.S.F. offers consultations and coaching to these individuals in order to improve their health, aiming to reduce the critical care which arises due to the lack of self care.
The foundation of C.S.F. instead raises money to support those qualifying individuals who, despite their jobs, cannot even pay the basic fee. Many financial partners contribute through organized events or individual donations to the funds necessary to carry on this valuable service to our community and beyond.
Thank you Dr. Enriquez Mrs. Carla Tezzares, and Mr. Alfonso Garcia, who were present today, and all their CSF staff for your life changing endeavors.
“We are here for our clients by providing jobs,” said Dave who has been working with BARC for 25 years. BARC’s mission is to build stronger communities by helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve individual goals for a better life. Dave Kyle, BARC C.C.O., was our guest for today’s lunch. BARC provides support, housing, and numerous services to people with disabilities boasting the title of the largest provider of jobs for adults with mental and developmental disabilities in the County. Local industries partner with BARC to employ people offering them a sense of independence and contribution to the community. Recycling, tire shredding, embroidery, and clerk assistance at local grocery stores are some of the positions the people of BARC occupy on any given day.
BARC receives 55% of its annual budget from local industries and thanks to its ability to manage its resource well, every dollar invested in its programs returns to the community yielding an average of $8 in salaries and expense coverage. At the end of his presentation, Mr. Kyle concluded with a Q&A that led participants to better appreciate what BARC offers. BARC is always looking for donations and partnerships with industries to continue its vital operation.
“It’s all about restoring the promises: better business climate, better quality of life, better cost of living, and ultimately better opportunities for California residents.” John Cox, a prospective California Governor candidate spoke at our club today. Mr. Cox, with Neighborhood Legislature, presented a heartfelt and striking speech emphasizing the need to reform our political system, where currently career statesmen tailor their decisions according to what best benefits their political party affiliations rather than what is best for the community.
John, a C.P.A., was here to introduce an initiative: the Neighborhood Legislation. Supported by 800,000 signatures, it will be presented as a ballot next fall. “The “narrow special interests” are what drive California politics when funds are directed to politicians in exchange for favors making it extremely difficult for voters to have a real voice.
What’s the solution? Creating tiny districts by dividing the current 120 districts into 100 parts each, or 12,000 “neighborhood districts.” The outcome will eliminate the need for astronomical funds in order to run for State Legislature and replace career politicians with public minded representatives. This initiative will provide willing local leaders to bring their ideas to the governing body, to vote on them, and to have a direct influence on legislation rather than feeling disconnected from their current state representatives.
Here’s another great topic worth debating at dinner table. Enjoy it!
To learn more about this initiative, please click the link below.
Well done North Rotary!
Once again, North Rotary Club, with the outstanding participation of many volunteers, has donated and distributed meals for 300 qualifying families living in Oildale. Each basket is composed of a frozen turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, green beans, rolls, and even a pumpkin pie. Thanks to the organization of Standard Middle School staff, the school district, the Sheriff, and Police departments, Frontier and North High school students, and many others. This 2017 Thanksgiving will cheer up many people. 
Here's what people have said:
Stacy and Lindsey with Standard Middle School: "It seems that every year more and more people join in and make this a very easy process. What a great experience!
Reana with the North High Basketball Team said: "We heard through the Rotaract Club that there was going to be an opportunity to serve and we decided to help out."
It took slightly over one hour from the arrival of the food to the time we gathered for a picture. At this point, baskets were ready for distribution and the long line of people waiting outside testified to the need our club met once again.
How can our Rotarian ethos of serving above self be transmitted to younger generations? Frontier High School has the solution. Mrs. Jen Watkins has been running the club for years boasting a 140 members club which engages young students in devoting time and space in their lives to experiencing the gift of serving others. Today, our club “ditched” the lunch at the Petroleum Club to join students, principal, and Mrs. Watkins for a time of connection and support.
The club keeps itself busy with a tight schedule. Activities range from participating in setting up at local walk/run fundraiser events, gift wrapping, and one of the most sought after Bakersfield events: volunteering during the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra concerto where students operate as ushers but enjoy live music they probably rarely play on their i-phones. What a marvelous gift: serving above self and enjoying outstanding musicians playing a variety of instruments.
It’s tremendous to know how strong this club desires to be part of the community. We see this when we are asked to propose events the Frontier High School club could get involved in. Their affiliation with our Rotary club does not end here: they accepted to take part in the District 4 Way Test challenge which requires participating students to write a 250 word essay on the four questions and their application to everyday life. Cash prizes are going to be rewarded to the best essays. This is a neat opportunity for Frontier High School Rotaract club to ponder on Rotary’s wisdom: let’s cheer for our students and Mrs. Watkins!
What a day of celebration it has been! Our district governor John Weiss and his wife Christine visited our club today dedicating time with the board members before joining everyone for our regular Tuesday lunch. Celebration is the word of the day! Mr Weiss, an owner of three electronic stores, joined Morro Bay Rotary in 2001 and developed a passion for recruiting new members, boasting 50+ additions to Rotary Clubs around his area.
John Weiss dedicated his allocated 20 minutes exhorting Rotarians to celebrate the friendship, the community services, and all the accomplishments our clubs have achieved thank to the desire of all its members. To celebrate the club, Mr Weiss invited several of us to highlight the endeavors of North Rotary, emphasizing our ethos: Serving above self. Many of us spoke: Jacob touched on Oildale Lift; Greg and LJ on Dinner at the Derby; Zane spoke about the Wine Mafia Dinner; Ira, Nick, and Paul shared about the participation of our Interact-clubs in the community of Bakersfield; Paul presented the Thanksgiving Basket event; Cathy shared about the club involvement with Global Family. “And these are reasons to celebrate!” said John Weiss. Our District Governor also awarded two members with Paul Harris Awards for their outstanding dedication to the club: Patty (see picture) and Patrick were the chosen recipients. Congratulations!
During his presentation, John Weiss reiterated the four objectives of Rotary and concluded his presentation with the fourth one: “The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.” “Let’s celebrate!” he suggested again. “Let’s celebrate our service above self.” Thank you John and Christine for your visit and your dedication to our district.

Very simply: Chevron will donate $1 with every fill-up, up to $300,000, from October 1 through October 31, 2017, to help fund materials and supplies for local public schools through

Adam Alvidrez, with Chevron, was our speaker. Adam, a member of our North Rotary Club, presented this beautiful initiative to the attendees. Fuel Your School aims to honor and motivate teachers by funding their classroom projects. This initiative was spawned in 2010 through a partnership between Chevron and, a non-profit organization whose mission is to match teachers classroom endeavors with donors so that each student in the nation has tools available to succeed. Not only that but, Chevron and provide students with life essentials like clothing and food to help them stay focused and comfortable in school while learning.

Thanks Adam for the interesting and life giving topic. I know where I’ll fill up this week, do you?

Did you know that Kern Medical Center is turning 150 years old? Russell Judd, CEO of KMC and fellow Rotarian of Downtown, retraced our county hospital journey from being just a small hut to be an acute care teaching center with 222 beds, offering the only advanced trauma care between Fresno and Los Angeles. KMC moved a few times around the Bakersfield area during the course of its life to finally land in its today’s known location in 1920.
In 2016, KMC transitioned from being owned and operated by the County of Kern to be administered by a Hospital Authority, enabling it to better serve patients as a safety net provider, academic training center, and leader in trauma and specialty services. Kern Medical cares for 10,000 inpatients and 125,000 clinic patients a year. It is the community’s only academic teaching hospital with over 200 medical students, physician residents, and fellows undergoing training in eight residency and fellowship programs.
Kern Medical now boasts national popularity amongst medical personnel for its valuable training, and, thanks to the new leadership-team headed by Russell, KMC billing department has  improved and the “checkbook” is now positively balanced. This is a good news to taxpayers!
It’s remarkable to hear testimonies of leaders completely changing the trajectory of indispensable community organizations like Kern Medical. Mr Judd is an inspiring leader and North Rotary Club vividly demonstrated its approval on behalf of Kern’s residents.: Well done fellow Rotarian, Russell Judd!.
For 17 years, the Bakersfield North Rotary has raised money for their Thanksgiving Basket project. Our efforts and generosity help to insure that families residing in Oildale area have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The Hope Center helps with referrals and advertisement, as well as with the check in procedures. Standard School District makes available the Standard Middle School gymnasium, for set up and distribution. If you haven't participated in the distribution, you should: it is impressive! Thanks to the help of many volunteers, hundreds of meals are packaged and distributed in a couple of hours. North High Interact students, Bakersfield North Rotary members, and The Bakersfield Police Department work side by side to make Thanksgiving a little happier for North of the River families.
Our generosity does not end here: meals are also donated to LiFT BAKERSFIELD, an affiliate of The Missionary Church International, which provides a warm meal each Tuesday evening for more than 200 homeless and disadvantaged families in Oildale.
Generosity is who we are!
If we listen carefully, we can hear it approaching. The sound is that of heavy metal wheels tenaciously biting steel as "the iron horse" is seen on the horizon. The California high speed rail is being developed to serve a need in the Golden State. Diana Gomez, the central California regional director brought Rotarians "up to speed" about the development of this monumental endeavor. The train will allow people to commute from city to city, providing a service more efficient than air transportation and faster than car commuting. "It's filling a gap of moving people around," expressed our guest speaker.
The high speed rail is still a very controversial topic for many, due to the concern about its financial and environmental impact for a service which may not be fully utilized by commuters. However, Diana Gomez believes going to be a success. This project already employs many people and small businesses to bring into realization 119 miles of railroad. Much consideration is given to our local city and surrounding towns in order to complete it, while taking into account community needs like safety, viability, and noise.
The train is approaching: are we ready to shout "all aboard?" Thanks again to our speaker for the interesting topic and time dedicated to make yet another NOR lunch a success.
What if you can combine recycling and charitable work together? Recycling Lives is not simply a solution for utilizing wasted glass but a great solution for people who are desperate to find employment. Our guest speaker, Sal Moretti, had an opportunity to share with present Rotarians his vision for Bakersfield. Recycling Lives is a unique new non-profit determined to break the cycle of despair for the homeless, disadvantaged, and recently incarcerated. The centerpiece of what Recycling Llives does is using a glass pulverizer to create new products: recycled glass landscape mulch and glass sand. By creating a local glass industry, it creates a local glass recycling demand.
This endeavor has already proven itself by employing people in collecting garbage along our streets bringing 400+ people out of homelessness, generated $1.1 million in housing subsidies, and offering cleaner highways. Partnering with our local Rescue Mission and other local outfits, like Adopt a Highway, Recycling Llives puts people to work. It does not end here. Those who wish to make a career move can attend classes to acquire new skills, like welding and forklift operation, in order to increase their chances of finding a regular stable job.
This amazing venture requires resourceful people just like Sal Moretti and his new board which enlists two North Bakersfield Rotarians: Jacob Panero and Jenifer Pitcher and other people serving above self!
I don’t know about you, but hearing about our BNR Foundation created in me even more fondness for the club! Our dining room today was permeated with a strong sense of pride and high regard for those members that throughout the history of the club have contributed in forging the “hands” of our Rotary group.
Jacob Panero, with the aid of Ira Cohen and Dan Panero, recounted key transitional moments and named those people, whose intellect, ingenuity, as well as natural and acquired gifts, have led our foundation to a pinnacle point of charitable strength. Our foundation exists to assist charities in the area dedicated to the  support and development of children and youth. It’s all about “serving above-self” cited Jacob: donations and scholarships are distributed to the community each year in the thousands of dollars making this entity the hands of the club.
Hands would not be put to action without the generous participation of members whose time, skills, and finances are paramount to the driving force behind it all: the true essence of giving.
Thanks to all!

Research benefits communities everywhere,” announced Donna Hermann with the American Cancer Society, our guest speaker who was accompanied by Christina Lopez. Our speaker educated all the present Rotarians about the crucial work of this organization which raises funds to be allocated toward research to prevent and cure cancers, and to run programs which ease  some of the difficulties a cancer- struck patient experiences.

Awareness has been raised concerning lifestyle factors contributing to cancer like smoking, diabetes, and obesity; genetic studies are raising the understanding of a person’s risk of developing cancer; new treatments have been discovered and implemented to treat cancer in the least invasive ways, all because of the generous funds raised by the American Cancer Society.

Our speaker also introduced some of the local programs ACS funds such as:

  • Road to Recovery: providing rides to and from treatments to those in need of transportation

  • Look Good Feel Better: teaching make-up and dress up techniques to improve physical appeal

  • Wig Bank: provides a large variety of wigs

  • Hotel Partnership: local hotels provides rooms to traveling patients at a very low cost

We could also volunteers to perpetuate the mission of the American Cancer Society. A big thank you to people like Donna and Christina.We have all been touched by the effects of cancer on a loved one, and it would be amiss not to present an opportunity for all of us to get involved with local events such as Relay for Life and the extravagant Valley of Hope Gala scheduled for October 21, 2017.

"As I am sure you know by now, we recently lost Milt Younger - a fine person, community leader, excellent attorney, and longtime Rotarian. I was pleasantly surprised a few years ago when Milt returned to active status in our club.  I truly did not see that one coming.  I always enjoyed his company.
Many years ago, Lorna's father, Jack Hislop (who typically handled the defense of lawsuits and therefore ran into Milt regularly as an adversary) told a story about how honorable Milt was to deal with as an adversary. That is not easy to do so in litigation sometimes!  Anyway, Jack ended by saying "I'd trust Milt with my wallet". I think that pretty much says it all.
Rest In Peace Milt.  You will be missed."   President Bob Brumfiled
Milton Younger joined the Rotary Club on July 17th, 1955 at the age of 24 years old. He has been a honorary member of North Rotary Club until his death. 

There are a lot of hidden talents. A gold mine for athletes!” exclaimed Benjy Taylor, CSUB men’s basketball assistant coach while describing Bakersfield. Our guest speaker today delighted our club members with a presentation of CSUB Roadrunners men’s basketball values and challenges. CSUB, speaking about all its athletes, promotes academic excellence, student athlete experience, competitive success, and engaging in the community. “It’s important to prepare athletes for sports success but also to educate them in becoming leaders in their community,” coach Benjy emphasized. CSUB is committed to providing the resources necessary for young men and women to able to achieve college education while enjoying the mental and physical benefits sports provide. Only dedicated coaches and capable faculty members, just like Benjy Taylor, can create the environment for our young students to thrive in sports disciplines. “I live on the phone,” Benjy said as he listed all the tasks he needs to address from game schedules, fundraising, practices, and dealing with athletes recovering from injuries. Interesting topic today: another "slam dunk for BNR!"

How do you manage millennials if you are someone who hates millennials? What if you are a millennial and the person managing them? These questions may paint a very complex and prickly work dynamic, unless you are Ken Beurmann, our guest speaker for today’s meeting. Ken, CEO of Terrio Physical Therapy & Fitness, led a thoroughly researched and substantially rich session on attributes of our young generation, known as Millennials. His presentation regarding the art of managing these young men and women, charged with thought provoking material and witty humor, was articulated by several points which can be summarized as follows:

  1. Complete transparency: millennials want to know why

  2. Open door policy: they desire to be able to talk just like friends

  3. Have a shared vision: they want to feel part of something bigger than themselves

  4. Employee engagement: millennials seek to be part of the decision making process

  5. Respectful accountability: as managers, motivate and lead with passion

Ken Beurmann embodies the advices he shares with college students: being ambitious, master the skill of critical thinking, and being a hard worker. These are the skills necessary for today’s young men and women to breakthrough in the marketplace just as Ken has been able to do. Featured in Bakersfield Life Magazine 3 years ago as “the top 20 Under 40” (just like Jenifer Pitcher) and a fellow Rotarian of Downtown Rotary, Ken is an inspiring leader whose skills, charisma, and potential will make a difference in our community and beyond.

"Thank you to all the volunteers who helped my students ‘'dress to impress' on the first day of school! The kids had a great time at the Kohl's shopping spree event and were so excited to show their parents what they got!”  Paul Meyers

"Great event  Saturday with North Rotary Club to be able to assist all the kids with new clothes for back to school. I had the pleasure to help a kid by the name of L. , he told me that his mom has medical problems and that his Step-Dad helps around the house and he only works at Wienerschnitzel and his a great guy to them and he also said he is very happy that we are able to help them with Back to school clothes and back packs, he really needed and was very happy. Thank you McDonalds for breakfast for the Kids.”         William Chicas

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