It was the Year of the Dog for 2020-2021!  The Club celebrated President Cathy's demotion and had a doggone good time at the Pyrenees!  
Wearing a leather dog collar, complete with a bell, and welcoming a new "puppy" to the fold, Cathy celebrated her demotion with nearly 40 fellow Rotarians, friends, and family.  
With another zany skit by BNR's own Zane Smith, featuring Jeremy Woods as the talking puppy, songs by the Music Fusion from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kern County (including a mashup of How Much is that Doggy in the Window and Who Let the Dogs Out), and too many bad lawyer jokes to count, the Club had a fabulous time at the Pyrenees.  Cocktails and wine flowed.  Authentic Basque food followed.  
We missed you if you could not join us.