“We are here for our clients by providing jobs,” said Dave who has been working with BARC for 25 years. BARC’s mission is to build stronger communities by helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve individual goals for a better life. Dave Kyle, BARC C.C.O., was our guest for today’s lunch. BARC provides support, housing, and numerous services to people with disabilities boasting the title of the largest provider of jobs for adults with mental and developmental disabilities in the County. Local industries partner with BARC to employ people offering them a sense of independence and contribution to the community. Recycling, tire shredding, embroidery, and clerk assistance at local grocery stores are some of the positions the people of BARC occupy on any given day.
BARC receives 55% of its annual budget from local industries and thanks to its ability to manage its resource well, every dollar invested in its programs returns to the community yielding an average of $8 in salaries and expense coverage. At the end of his presentation, Mr. Kyle concluded with a Q&A that led participants to better appreciate what BARC offers. BARC is always looking for donations and partnerships with industries to continue its vital operation.