I don’t know about you, but hearing about our BNR Foundation created in me even more fondness for the club! Our dining room today was permeated with a strong sense of pride and high regard for those members that throughout the history of the club have contributed in forging the “hands” of our Rotary group.
Jacob Panero, with the aid of Ira Cohen and Dan Panero, recounted key transitional moments and named those people, whose intellect, ingenuity, as well as natural and acquired gifts, have led our foundation to a pinnacle point of charitable strength. Our foundation exists to assist charities in the area dedicated to the  support and development of children and youth. It’s all about “serving above-self” cited Jacob: donations and scholarships are distributed to the community each year in the thousands of dollars making this entity the hands of the club.
Hands would not be put to action without the generous participation of members whose time, skills, and finances are paramount to the driving force behind it all: the true essence of giving.
Thanks to all!