"Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF) provides a crucial medical service to those who cannot afford health insurance and don't qualify for any state funded programs. Those people who are hard workers and harvested the salad you and I are enjoying today!" Dr. Jorge Enriquez began his presentation with this powerful statement. Dr. Enriquez, a well know Bakersfield surgeon continued: "We are an organization who has a professional network of providers, qualified and certified in the state of California. All of them committed for their motivation, maturity, and responsibility to help the most needed in our community - the ones who cannot access health services due to lack of medical insurance."
In many cases, they delay their medical attention because they can’t access treatment, worsening their condition day by day. C.S.F. partners with hospitals, surgical centers, providers, specialists, labs, imaging facilities, etc., to reduced fees for their services, lowered in such a way a total cost to the patient for a surgery is $5 - 6,000.
Furthermore, C.S.F. offers consultations and coaching to these individuals in order to improve their health, aiming to reduce the critical care which arises due to the lack of self care.
The foundation of C.S.F. instead raises money to support those qualifying individuals who, despite their jobs, cannot even pay the basic fee. Many financial partners contribute through organized events or individual donations to the funds necessary to carry on this valuable service to our community and beyond.
Thank you Dr. Enriquez Mrs. Carla Tezzares, and Mr. Alfonso Garcia, who were present today, and all their CSF staff for your life changing endeavors.