How can our Rotarian ethos of serving above self be transmitted to younger generations? Frontier High School has the solution. Mrs. Jen Watkins has been running the club for years boasting a 140 members club which engages young students in devoting time and space in their lives to experiencing the gift of serving others. Today, our club “ditched” the lunch at the Petroleum Club to join students, principal, and Mrs. Watkins for a time of connection and support.
The club keeps itself busy with a tight schedule. Activities range from participating in setting up at local walk/run fundraiser events, gift wrapping, and one of the most sought after Bakersfield events: volunteering during the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra concerto where students operate as ushers but enjoy live music they probably rarely play on their i-phones. What a marvelous gift: serving above self and enjoying outstanding musicians playing a variety of instruments.
It’s tremendous to know how strong this club desires to be part of the community. We see this when we are asked to propose events the Frontier High School club could get involved in. Their affiliation with our Rotary club does not end here: they accepted to take part in the District 4 Way Test challenge which requires participating students to write a 250 word essay on the four questions and their application to everyday life. Cash prizes are going to be rewarded to the best essays. This is a neat opportunity for Frontier High School Rotaract club to ponder on Rotary’s wisdom: let’s cheer for our students and Mrs. Watkins!