“It brings me tears of joy! Tears of love when I reminisce about life experiences and memories I have,” shared Mr Harley Stennes with a group of Rotarians who joined President Bob to enjoy lunch at Pacifica Assisted Living. North Rotary organized an offsite meeting to visit one of our honorary members. Harley has recently turned 95 years old! “It was an honor for me to be appointed by Wayne’s Dairy to join North Rotary club in 1960 as its representative. It brings me joy to be a member and to have all of you here today. What a surprise!” Harley continued, “Life is full of surprises. Yesterday, as I was preparing for this event, I was intriguing myself with the question of who will be there. I thought maybe even President Trump will show up! Who knows?” Mr Harley, accompanied by his caregiver, also praised God for his life: “I’ve seen God working through me. I’m just a carrier!” he eagerly shared with all those presents.
We are all confident that Harley had a wonderful time, surrounded by Rotarians who knew him and who met him today for the first time. I (Nick), as I was getting reading to leave, decided to introduce myself and to wish our honorary member a happy birthday. “You are surrounded by a group of fine people!” Harley confided in me. And so, I left the lunch appointment invigorated as a Rotarian and proud of my club.
Thanks to those who organized this event and Michelle, of Pacifica Assisted Living, who arranged the room.