If we listen carefully, we can hear it approaching. The sound is that of heavy metal wheels tenaciously biting steel as "the iron horse" is seen on the horizon. The California high speed rail is being developed to serve a need in the Golden State. Diana Gomez, the central California regional director brought Rotarians "up to speed" about the development of this monumental endeavor. The train will allow people to commute from city to city, providing a service more efficient than air transportation and faster than car commuting. "It's filling a gap of moving people around," expressed our guest speaker.
The high speed rail is still a very controversial topic for many, due to the concern about its financial and environmental impact for a service which may not be fully utilized by commuters. However, Diana Gomez believes going to be a success. This project already employs many people and small businesses to bring into realization 119 miles of railroad. Much consideration is given to our local city and surrounding towns in order to complete it, while taking into account community needs like safety, viability, and noise.
The train is approaching: are we ready to shout "all aboard?" Thanks again to our speaker for the interesting topic and time dedicated to make yet another NOR lunch a success.