How do you manage millennials if you are someone who hates millennials? What if you are a millennial and the person managing them? These questions may paint a very complex and prickly work dynamic, unless you are Ken Beurmann, our guest speaker for today’s meeting. Ken, CEO of Terrio Physical Therapy & Fitness, led a thoroughly researched and substantially rich session on attributes of our young generation, known as Millennials. His presentation regarding the art of managing these young men and women, charged with thought provoking material and witty humor, was articulated by several points which can be summarized as follows:

  1. Complete transparency: millennials want to know why

  2. Open door policy: they desire to be able to talk just like friends

  3. Have a shared vision: they want to feel part of something bigger than themselves

  4. Employee engagement: millennials seek to be part of the decision making process

  5. Respectful accountability: as managers, motivate and lead with passion

Ken Beurmann embodies the advices he shares with college students: being ambitious, master the skill of critical thinking, and being a hard worker. These are the skills necessary for today’s young men and women to breakthrough in the marketplace just as Ken has been able to do. Featured in Bakersfield Life Magazine 3 years ago as “the top 20 Under 40” (just like Jenifer Pitcher) and a fellow Rotarian of Downtown Rotary, Ken is an inspiring leader whose skills, charisma, and potential will make a difference in our community and beyond.