“The goal is to provide interesting and useful educational classes to older adults,” began our guest speaker Dr. Allison with excitement and pride. Dr. Allison is the current director of the Levan Institute of Bakersfield. Dr. Norm Levan was the founder of this school who donated time, funds, and had the vision to begin this program through Bakersfield College. Dr. Levan desired to establish a culture of learning for adults over 65 years old of age. “I’m confident that this program meets the vision Dr. Levan had,” said Dr. Allison. Older people are more active, and they are mentally and physically healthier than they used to be. They seem to be looking for opportunities to grow. The Leven Institute provides resources for people to stay healthy and grow even after retirement. It also creates a venue for people to stay relevant to society by learning and eventually teaching to others skills which are useful. Some of the examples of classes are Social Media, Retirement planning, Golf, Music, Wine, and Writing. The Levan Institute is always looking for instructors to teach classes particularly on computer science, selling on eBay, and much more.
If you are looking for an opportunity to grow, to meet other people, or to teach a class, please visit the website below or call the Levan Institute and ask for Dr. Allison.