“Breath should be like a gentle wave flowing through your body….just breathe, gently…by breathing this way heart rate, cholesterol, stress release hormones drop and provide you with ten times more oxygen your normally take in.” Our speaker got all the Rotarians to close their eyes, sit upright, and for 10 minutes experience the power of yoga. Helen Miller Lynch, a Swedish certified MediYoga teacher and therapist, delivered an unique program. After a rambunctious “fine” session with Jacob Panero, filling in for President Bob, Rotarians enjoyed a relaxing Yoga session. “I have a dream,” Helen announced “to  launch MediYoga in the U.S. healthcare.” This form of relaxation has been integrated in 180 Swedish hospitals and healthcare units thanks to its remarkable and scientifically proven results in improving the health of patients with cardiovascular diseases. Research shows that practicing yoga once a week for 12 weeks decreases fasting glucose and cholesterol blood levels cutting the intake of prescriptions a patient needs to take. Yoga is suitable for virtually everyone, including people with physical and psychological limitations. Whether, you are confined to a bed, a wheelchair user, or fully mobile, yoga offers plenty for you.

This was an interesting and unique change in topic. Thanks Helen for your life giving session and for the work you do to improve lives!

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