“In 1955 a group of housewives petitioned the local government to open parks and a swimming pool in the Oildale area for their children,“ said Dave McArthur with North of the River Recreation and Park District. NOR offers a variety of programs from preschools, aquatic, meals on wheels, and much more. NOR covers an area of 215 sq mi where more than 135,000 residents live. The vision is to provide recreational areas for residents to enjoy the North part of Bakersfield.
NOR is funded by Quimby fees, Federal or State funds aimed to develop and sustain these areas. Private companies, such as Chevron, collaborate with NOR to establish recreational areas. Much of the work is to redevelop the existing areas as the condition of an area or park draws or deters people from enjoying what is offered. Unfortunately, vandalism is on the rise and dirty restrooms or building with graffiti discourage people from visiting these recreational areas. NOR works hard at keeping its properties clean and attractive.
“Lots to come,” said Dave, “as NOR owns 61 acres of undeveloped land. NOR has many ideas and private companies are interested in partnering with us to develop these areas so residents can enjoy nature, playgrounds, and play sports. Join the fun!” said Dave. Please visit the website to learn more about NOR.