“It’s all about restoring the promises: better business climate, better quality of life, better cost of living, and ultimately better opportunities for California residents.” John Cox, a prospective California Governor candidate spoke at our club today. Mr. Cox, with Neighborhood Legislature, presented a heartfelt and striking speech emphasizing the need to reform our political system, where currently career statesmen tailor their decisions according to what best benefits their political party affiliations rather than what is best for the community.
John, a C.P.A., was here to introduce an initiative: the Neighborhood Legislation. Supported by 800,000 signatures, it will be presented as a ballot next fall. “The “narrow special interests” are what drive California politics when funds are directed to politicians in exchange for favors making it extremely difficult for voters to have a real voice.
What’s the solution? Creating tiny districts by dividing the current 120 districts into 100 parts each, or 12,000 “neighborhood districts.” The outcome will eliminate the need for astronomical funds in order to run for State Legislature and replace career politicians with public minded representatives. This initiative will provide willing local leaders to bring their ideas to the governing body, to vote on them, and to have a direct influence on legislation rather than feeling disconnected from their current state representatives.
Here’s another great topic worth debating at dinner table. Enjoy it!
To learn more about this initiative, please click the link below.