“Thanks to all of you Rotarians for your efforts and involvement in our school. We are determined to help our students succeed once they exit the academic world and jump into the workplace where they will be able to embrace new opportunities and challenges. In order for our students to succeed, we have launched 18 different pathways or programs, which will lead students to college enrollment or post high school employment. We invest in our students’ futures because it is our students who will shape the future. Thank you for your support. ” Dr. Balch, Principal of North High, opened today’s off site North Bakersfield Rotary meeting. Our President Bob facilitated the introduction: students were asked to say their names and to announce the career or school path of choice if amongst the seniors. Jill, North High Advisor, introduced her team of Interact leadership body made up of six girls. Jill also briefed all the present participants with all the activities the Interact club has been involved in: symphony, thanksgiving baskets, Christmas lights at CALM, and many others. Presently, the students are putting together a project to feed lunch to the homeless. Their efforts will involve raising money to purchase food items and hand food bags to those less fortunate.
Rotarians followed with an introduction, stating names and occupations. However, as soon as we thought it was over, Sheri and Jacob were put on the spot with a “North High Trivia” led by our show host Bob Brumfield. Now, would you reader, be able to answer these two questions:
  1. How would North High school staff determine if the length of dress meets school dress code?
  2. What’s the North High tattoo policy?
Thanks to all who participated and to the students and North High staff who made this day eventful for us Rotarians.