There is a yearly event which gives Rotary International an opportunity to be seen by millions of eyes: the Rose Parade. During our lunch meeting, North Rotary members were fascinated to listen to an enthusiastic speaker: Barry Rosenfled. Barry, the RRPFC director, proudly described the process of designing and building a float which travels through the streets of Pasadena, CA during the Rose Parade held every year in January. Last year’s Rotary float, a purple dragon equipped with a suitcase, was awarded “the most beautiful float under 35 feet of length.” The Dragon also proudly wore a necklace with a medallion marked 100 for the 100 years of service since the establishment of the Rotary Foundation. The carefully decorated icon of Rotary for this event was, in order to fit the requirements of the parade, entirely made of organic material like flowers, sun-dried oranges, and peas. Thanks to the meticulous work of many Interact students, volunteers, the dedication of the committee, and generous donations from seven South West Rotary Districts, the float is scheduled to parade in January 2018.