I want to say what an honor and privilege it was to represent the club for the last year. 
It has been an enjoyable as well as challenging year for me.  The Rotary International theme for this year was “Be the Inspiration” and I hope I was able to live up to that.  My theme was “Service Above Self is not Rocket Science” and our club has demonstrated that over again and again.  We get it done.  Thanks to all the past presidents that have made the great club it is today.  I started with an incredible club and I would like to think it is a little better now.  I say that because I have had a lot of help in organizing the weekly meetings, fund-raisers, socials, community service projects, our Interact program and newsletters.   The key features of the weekly meetings are having the banners and flag in place, books to sign, functioning PA system, front table sign-in, raffle ticket sales and quality programs.  The fund-raisers take a lot of time to organize, getting individual and company sponsorships, membership attendance and participation in the silent and oral auctions.  The financial health is critically important and we are fortunate in having a treasurer that keeps us financially solvent and that billings and payments are on time. The service projects also take time to organize and having the resources available to make them successful.  For many of you I know the socials are the highlight of the year and we all enjoy them, but again it takes a lot of time to prepare getting supplies and setting up for the event.  We have continued to have active Paul Harris clubs so we can contribute to the Rotary International Foundation. This year we were able to contribute $8,500 to Polio Plus through the Paul Harris clubs. Our Thanksgiving basket program contributing 350 baskets to needy families has gotten a lot of attention within the district and locally.  Our foundation has assets of $516,000 and has disbursed $84,000 to local charities this year.  The largest single entity was $21,000 for scholarships.  If we add the $70,000 that goes to Youth Connection from Dinner at the Derby, $8,500 to Rotary International and $15,000 for Thanksgiving Baskets and LiFT, our total disbursements add up to $177,500.  That’s very impressive for a club of 50 members.
As a result of our club achieving or exceeding the goals set forth by Rotary International, I am happy to announce that our club will receive the Rotary International Rotary Citation With Presidential DistinctionThis is awarded to clubs that have met their club goals and strengthened the club, focused on and increased humanitarian services and enhanced public image and awareness.  I am not aware that our club has ever received this citation.
Thank you to Bob Brumfield, Sheri Horn-Bunk and Kirk Hessler for organizing my demotion.  As always the food from Luigi’s was delicious and plentiful. The “Rocketman” theme was innovative and a lot of fun.  I have gotten many comments on Facebook and from friends about the incredible Elton John jacket and glasses outfit. 
I look forward to another great year with the leadership of Patty Keefer.  I know she has the energy, ingenuity and vision to make it a great year.
Pic. Lee and wife Marvis: "I wouldn't have been able to be the president without the support of my wife!