Remember there are two sure ways to be fined this year.  One is to forget to wear your Rotary pin.  The second is to fail to greet the secret greeter.  
So, you say, "I know about my Rotary pin and I'll try to remember to wear it."  But are you asking yourself, "Who's the secret greeter?"    All Rotarians are expected to greet every member of the club at meetings.  So make sure you walk among the tables and chat.  Why?  Well, every week President David will ask a Rotarian to serve as the "secret greeter."  You won't know who that person is, but later in the meeting, David will ask the secret greeter to reveal him or herself and identify who in the room did not greet the greeter!  So, say "Hi" and "How are you?" to each of your fellow Rotarians each week to avoid the fine!