We missed you if you were not at Imbibe Wine and Spirits Merchant on July 27!  
We really did miss you!  It was so nice to see so many Rotarians laughing and enjoying the wine and food on July 27 at Imbibe.  We helped send President DD off to his new hip.  We hope he is back with us, running laps, on August 10!  Until then PE Jeff has the conn.   
We welcomed a new Doctor in the house.  Sheri Horn-Bunk is now officially Sheri Horn-Bunk, Ed.D.!  We are all so proud of her for the hard work and dedication she put into obtaining her doctorate.  Nowhere to go but up, Sheri!  
It was really nice to see Rotarians and spouses. One face we had not seen in an age was Renee Goodwin!  She's been keeping very busy keeping Stoney in line as well as working.  She and Stoney have a new place and we hear we will have a social there later this year!  
See you all on Tuesdays and at the next social.