August 28, 2018
Dear BNR Member,
You are cordially invited by the Administration to join in a meeting of the Families to break bread, savor Italian vintages, and enjoy entertainment from the old country.  The DONs and DONNAs of Bakersfield North Rotary (Wine Mafia) are hosting our annual Wine Mafia Dinner benefitting local youth charities and college scholarships for students attending North High School and Frontier High School. 
 believe that a person of your….....unique….....character qualities would be fitting at our dinner of sophistication.  So, we would be honored if you would humble us by sponsoring  attending our summit.  In fact, when you consider the company, the food, the wine, and the cause, we are sure you will find that this decision is no decision at all.  Make Us an Offer We Can’t Refuse!
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018
Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Contact our club for more details
Password: “Swim with the Fishes”
With all respect,
DON Jacob Panero
“A Lawyer with wine in his briefcase is more dangerous than a hundred made guys with tommy-guns!”
                                                                                                -DON Dan Panero