The first meeting was well attended by members and guests from the other 5 clubs in Bakersfield. The new presidents from the 5 clubs included: Amy Smith, Twilight; Ron Nelms, Breakfast; Amada Frank, East; Kevin Burton, West; and Ray Watson, Downtown.  Other guest included Fred Missono, West; Jackie Jans, West (Chief of Staff for Sandi Schwartz District Governor 5240); Nancy Pollard, East (President elect); Chris Naftel, 2018-19 President of the Tehachapi club; and First Lady, Lee's wife Marvis.  Carol Cohen also attended the meeting. The new board of directors was introduced and each member presented with a chair designation rotary pin. The new RI banner “Be the Inspiration” and the theme poster “Service Above Self is not Rocket Science” were introduced to the club. Lee said he was honored to wear a Rotary shirt donated to him by Steve McCalley (A shirt Steve wore when he was president in 1997-98).  Reed Adamson guessed who the donor was and his first fine will be waived as a reward.