"The Wine Mafia plays a special role in supplementing our available dollars that are invested each and every year in both High School Scholarships and local donations.  The success of this event is dependent on the participation (at some level) of all of our members.  I would like to honor the following people for coming on-board this year with the poem below:" (from the desk of Don Zane Smith)

Varner Brother (Dan & Jacob Panero) - Bynum Inc. - Ira & Carole Cohen - Advance Distribution (Terry Hearron) -Taft College - Bernie LeBeau - Blackwell - Zane & Amy Smith - Cathy Bennett - M&S Security - Marvin Fuller

Patrick Hoffman - Lee Meyer - Jeff Barnhardt

Capo di tutti i capi

Heavy is the crown of the Sicilian don
in pinstriped Armani suit and iron hand,
he rules all the underworld's going ons
from NYC to Miami, Vegas & Hollywoodland.

He's the boss of all bosses lives high class
running all the games and the cons,
from his own bastion he'll kill ya so fas....
theres no place you can hide if you run.

He runs the families of la Cosa Nostra
crime syndicates all over every big city,
feeds off the illegal profits  but he musta
in every American town without any pity.

If you care to join them you must be Italian
or Sicilian by your birth without exception,
climb up the ladder with the force of a gun
gotta start a "made man" a greeted reception.

You gotta be tough and you gotta have balls,
if one day you get to be on the very top,
one slip of the tongue and you'll quickly fall
from the noise of a tommy gun's loud pop.

In this organization you can't ever slip up,
gotta trust nobody only your own instincts,
you can't break the rules the Mafia's corrupt
on your wiseguy head'll come the leaded zincs.

Pretty soon you'll be sleeping with the fishes
on the bottom of the river in a coat of cement,
when joining the Mafia kiss away all those wishes
for honor among thieves ain't a great compliment.

Once you're in it you are in it for life,
a pact made with your blood as a seal,
they'll slaughter your family and your wife,
for no one is exempt from the mafioso kill!
Please consider participating. 
Grazie mille!