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Bakersfield North

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Petroleum Club of Bakersfield
5060 California Avenue
Bakersfield, CA  93309-0728
United States of America
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Club Information

Bakersfield North

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Petroleum Club of Bakersfield
5060 California Avenue
Bakersfield, CA  93309-0728
United States of America
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350 baskets donated! Bakersfield North Rotary members, with the help of many volunteers from Standard Middle Schools, Bakersfield Police Department, Bakersfield Sheriff Department, and many others distributed 350 Thanksgiving meals to those in need. Each meal fed a family of 4 with turkey, peas, corn, pumpkin pie, and more! Why we do it? it is service above self!
August 28, 2018
Dear BNR Member,
You are cordially invited by the Administration to join in a meeting of the Families to break bread, savor Italian vintages, and enjoy entertainment from the old country.  The DONs and DONNAs of Bakersfield North Rotary (Wine Mafia) are hosting our annual Wine Mafia Dinner benefitting local youth charities and college scholarships for students attending North High School and Frontier High School. 
 believe that a person of your….....unique….....character qualities would be fitting at our dinner of sophistication.  So, we would be honored if you would humble us by sponsoring  attending our summit.  In fact, when you consider the company, the food, the wine, and the cause, we are sure you will find that this decision is no decision at all.  Make Us an Offer We Can’t Refuse!
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018
Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Contact our club for more details
Password: “Swim with the Fishes”
With all respect,
DON Jacob Panero
“A Lawyer with wine in his briefcase is more dangerous than a hundred made guys with tommy-guns!”
                                                                                                -DON Dan Panero
Have you registered for the 2018 District 5240 Conference in Bakersfield yet?  If not, time is running out! The conference will be held October 5-6, 2018, at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Bakersfield.

Reserve your room at the conference hotel by SEPTEMBER 10th to get the special convention rate of $99 per night.
Reasons to attend:
  • Human trafficking is a criminal enterprise active in our district. You as an individual, your club, and our District can bring together organizations and local governments to stop human trafficking. Rotary is prepared to take on this challenge, so join us and learn what you can do.
  • Can we successfully wage peace? Find out from someone who is literally on the front line. Hear how we can progress towards peace and be a key participant in moving this Rotary Focus Area forward.
  • Rotarians around the world are steadfastly united in the effort to eradicate polio.  Join us at the conference and together we’ll raise a glass at Temblor Brewing Company toward the elimination of this deadly disease. We are not done eradicating this horrible disease and we won’t rest until we are done.
  • Take a very short, fun walk and have a pajama party with DG Sandi. Earn some pastries, coffee, and share a fun morning with your fellow Rotarians.
  • Get “In the Mood to Inspire” at the Rotary Foundation Gala with an al fresco dinner and dance to the big band sound of Foster Campbell and Friends.
  • Project exposition and vendor fair.
  • Concurrent New Generations Conference.
  • Fun! Friends! Fellowship!
The Conference will provide you with actionable ideas and new friends to make the world a better place.
There are opportunities to be recognized as a sponsor throughout the entire conference.
See you there!
“A leap of faith was my transition from Newport Beach to Tehachapi!” Jim Arnold opened his presentation about Triassic Winery located in Tehachapi. Triassic Vineyard takes the name from the type of soil which grapes grow from: soil formed millions of years ago, during the Triassic period, and surfacing at one point in the history of the earth due to a powerful earthquake. This soil gives certain characteristics to the wine. “Tehachapi is working toward being recognized as a unique wine region with American Viticultural Area which will allow specific regional labelling!” announced Jim with excitement.
"Rotary takes ordinary people and gives them extraordinary opportunities to do more with their lives than they ever dreamed possible," said newly elected District Governor Sandy Schwartz quoting Rotarian Sir Clem Renout. Sandy, a retired nurse, visited our club to inspire all of us. "My message is Retention, Retention, Retention. Keep members engaged with a dynamic club," Sandy expressed during her presentation. Her vision for this year is to increase membership and challenge current members to participate in more life-giving service opportunities. 
We look forward to an exciting year as Sandy directs our District: “How many of you feel they give more to Rotary than they receive back?" she asked during her speech. Of course, nobody raised their hands as proof of how amazing  is to be a Rotarian! Best wishes Sandy.
She gave Outstanding Service awards to Cathy Bennett for her service to the Foundation, Ira Cohen for his efforts with the two Interact Clubs and Greg and Mary Bynum for their significant contributions to make the Dinner at the Derby a success.  As a gift for the District Governor’s visit, the BNR board voted to give $500 to End Polio Now in Sandi’s name. Ten members generously added $100 each to make the total $1,500. 
The first meeting was well attended by members and guests from the other 5 clubs in Bakersfield. The new presidents from the 5 clubs included: Amy Smith, Twilight; Ron Nelms, Breakfast; Amada Frank, East; Kevin Burton, West; and Ray Watson, Downtown.  Other guest included Fred Missono, West; Jackie Jans, West (Chief of Staff for Sandi Schwartz District Governor 5240); Nancy Pollard, East (President elect); Chris Naftel, 2018-19 President of the Tehachapi club; and First Lady, Lee's wife Marvis.  Carol Cohen also attended the meeting. The new board of directors was introduced and each member presented with a chair designation rotary pin. The new RI banner “Be the Inspiration” and the theme poster “Service Above Self is not Rocket Science” were introduced to the club. Lee said he was honored to wear a Rotary shirt donated to him by Steve McCalley (A shirt Steve wore when he was president in 1997-98).  Reed Adamson guessed who the donor was and his first fine will be waived as a reward.
On June 19th, we Rotarians celebrated President Bob's demotion at Temblor Brewery where an entertaining skit directed by Zane Smith brought laughter and joy. President Bob's goal for the year was to organize several socials to "deepen the friendship within the club!" I don't know you, but I think the goal was achieved. Thanks Bob!
"That’s it! This place needs a face lift!” and that is how all began shared Jenifer. Jenifer Pitcher is well known in the city for all her involvement in different boards, particularly Keep Bakersfield Beautiful and, of course, Bakersfield North Rotary. Jenifer, working closely with the local Basque community, the city planning government agency, and local business has been pioneering a project to “make the old town Bakersfield more appealing.” The neighborhood extends for an area of two square miles east of Union Ave and south of E. Truxtun. The project will color this historical part of town with murals dedicated to the Basque and Italian communities, painted electrical boxes, new trash bins, and new light features. Eventually, a new pavement will replace the old dirty sidewalks and fresh trees will make this place more aesthetically appealing. “My desire is to spruce up the community by involving the community and making Bakersfield more beautiful!” concluded Jenifer. It’s admirable how determined our fellow Rotarian is: thank you Jenifer for your embodiment of service above self.

“Lots of changes and unexpected turns in the last five years that led to redesign the district!” said Russ Johnson, of Common Sense Consulting, a local outfit which  provides help to private businesses navigating the “red tape” of government. Political subdivisions in Kern County are forced by special interest groups and court orders sparking a gerrymandering amongst local leaders.

“New districts are going to lead new elections and new dynamics even for politicians who recently have been elected and need to campaign again” said Russell. One of the challenges candidates will face is the absence of data available to understand the political preferences of the district and much ground work is going to be required.

Thank you Mr. Johnson for educating us Rotarians regarding new local political events!

Oh! I always wanted to go there!” Lambourne Travel can make your dream come true!

Today’s speaker teased our imaginations with our next holiday dream destination. Lambourne Travel agency is one of the oldest and most prestigious travel agencies in the Bakersfield area. The current owner, Larry Schallock, has been at the helm for nearly 30 years. The staff (each travel agent) is very experienced with world Travel as well as domestic Travel. Various agents have specialties with certain parts of the world as well as various modes of the travel experience. Tours, whether custom or pre-packaged, cruises offered by all major lines, and vacation destinations are among these areas of expertise.

If you need ideas regarding what part of the world to explore or detailed arrangements on your next vacation trip, make sure to visit our local travel agency. Please click on the link below to see the current offers, or, at least, let your imagination “travel” free…

“It brings me tears of joy! Tears of love when I reminisce about life experiences and memories I have,” shared Mr Harley Stennes with a group of Rotarians who joined President Bob to enjoy lunch at Pacifica Assisted Living. North Rotary organized an offsite meeting to visit one of our honorary members. Harley has recently turned 95 years old! “It was an honor for me to be appointed by Wayne’s Dairy to join North Rotary club in 1960 as its representative. It brings me joy to be a member and to have all of you here today. What a surprise!” Harley continued, “Life is full of surprises. Yesterday, as I was preparing for this event, I was intriguing myself with the question of who will be there. I thought maybe even President Trump will show up! Who knows?” Mr Harley, accompanied by his caregiver, also praised God for his life: “I’ve seen God working through me. I’m just a carrier!” he eagerly shared with all those presents.
We are all confident that Harley had a wonderful time, surrounded by Rotarians who knew him and who met him today for the first time. I (Nick), as I was getting reading to leave, decided to introduce myself and to wish our honorary member a happy birthday. “You are surrounded by a group of fine people!” Harley confided in me. And so, I left the lunch appointment invigorated as a Rotarian and proud of my club.
Thanks to those who organized this event and Michelle, of Pacifica Assisted Living, who arranged the room.
Youth Connection was established with a commitment of keeping Kern County youth out of the Juvenile Justice System. The goal of Youth Connection is to prevent delinquency though early intervention. Youth Connection improves the lives of children, ages 6-13, by connecting them to community programs in the hopes of redirecting their lives with positive structure program. We believe “Redirection by Connection” is the answer.
Dinner at the Derby is the annual grandiose fundraising event brought to you by Youth Connection and the Bakersfield North Rotary. This year is going to be held on April 13th at the Seven Oaks Country Club. For more information call 619-3344. All proceeds benefit the Youth Connection Program and the North Rotary Foundation.
See you there! 

“Our focus is to daily earn our trust of the community as a local Oil and Gas Company,” began Cynthia, the director of public affairs for Aera Energy. Rotarians gathered at 10000 Ming Ave at the Aera Corporate Building for an off-site visit of our local oil and gas company. Cynthia, who has been working for Aera for the last three years, introduced Felina and Janie her two new public officers. “Public Affairs is about opening and maintaining relations with our local communities and decision making people in order to operate in the territory.” Cynthia and her staff dedicate time and effort to educate the public on the benefits Aera brings to the community. “There is still a role for Oil and Gas Companies to operate by providing jobs, funds to non-profit organizations, and energy to our Country.”

Despite the recent oil crisis which saw the price of crude oil plummet from $110 to $40 a barrel, costing many jobs to other oil companies, Aera was able to maintain almost all of its employees thank to the dedication of leaders like Cynthia who visited and re-visited the operation management of the company cutting costs of over $300 million dollars. “This is efficiency,” proudly announced our presenter while leading the present Rotarians on a short tour of the Aera Tour Center. The different problem solving and innovating leadership approaches deployed by Aera Energy intrigued many of the present Rotarians and made this a memorable offsite for all.

“The goal is to provide interesting and useful educational classes to older adults,” began our guest speaker Dr. Allison with excitement and pride. Dr. Allison is the current director of the Levan Institute of Bakersfield. Dr. Norm Levan was the founder of this school who donated time, funds, and had the vision to begin this program through Bakersfield College. Dr. Levan desired to establish a culture of learning for adults over 65 years old of age. “I’m confident that this program meets the vision Dr. Levan had,” said Dr. Allison. Older people are more active, and they are mentally and physically healthier than they used to be. They seem to be looking for opportunities to grow. The Leven Institute provides resources for people to stay healthy and grow even after retirement. It also creates a venue for people to stay relevant to society by learning and eventually teaching to others skills which are useful. Some of the examples of classes are Social Media, Retirement planning, Golf, Music, Wine, and Writing. The Levan Institute is always looking for instructors to teach classes particularly on computer science, selling on eBay, and much more.
If you are looking for an opportunity to grow, to meet other people, or to teach a class, please visit the website below or call the Levan Institute and ask for Dr. Allison.
Meeting Responsibilities
December 18th, 2018
Bynum, Gregory D.
Joseph, Laura
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Slayton, Jacob
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