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Club Information

Bakersfield North

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Petroleum Club of Bakersfield
5060 California Avenue
Bakersfield, CA  93309-0728
United States
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“Lots of changes and unexpected turns in the last five years that led to redesign the district!” said Russ Johnson, of Common Sense Consulting, a local outfit which  provides help to private businesses navigating the “red tape” of government. Political subdivisions in Kern County are forced by special interest groups and court orders sparking a gerrymandering amongst local leaders.

“New districts are going to lead new elections and new dynamics even for politicians who recently have been elected and need to campaign again” said Russell. One of the challenges candidates will face is the absence of data available to understand the political preferences of the district and much ground work is going to be required.

Thank you Mr. Johnson for educating us Rotarians regarding new local political events!

Oh! I always wanted to go there!” Lambourne Travel can make your dream come true!

Today’s speaker teased our imaginations with our next holiday dream destination. Lambourne Travel agency is one of the oldest and most prestigious travel agencies in the Bakersfield area. The current owner, Larry Schallock, has been at the helm for nearly 30 years. The staff (each travel agent) is very experienced with world Travel as well as domestic Travel. Various agents have specialties with certain parts of the world as well as various modes of the travel experience. Tours, whether custom or pre-packaged, cruises offered by all major lines, and vacation destinations are among these areas of expertise.

If you need ideas regarding what part of the world to explore or detailed arrangements on your next vacation trip, make sure to visit our local travel agency. Please click on the link below to see the current offers, or, at least, let your imagination “travel” free…

“It brings me tears of joy! Tears of love when I reminisce about life experiences and memories I have,” shared Mr Harley Stennes with a group of Rotarians who joined President Bob to enjoy lunch at Pacifica Assisted Living. North Rotary organized an offsite meeting to visit one of our honorary members. Harley has recently turned 95 years old! “It was an honor for me to be appointed by Wayne’s Dairy to join North Rotary club in 1960 as its representative. It brings me joy to be a member and to have all of you here today. What a surprise!” Harley continued, “Life is full of surprises. Yesterday, as I was preparing for this event, I was intriguing myself with the question of who will be there. I thought maybe even President Trump will show up! Who knows?” Mr Harley, accompanied by his caregiver, also praised God for his life: “I’ve seen God working through me. I’m just a carrier!” he eagerly shared with all those presents.
We are all confident that Harley had a wonderful time, surrounded by Rotarians who knew him and who met him today for the first time. I (Nick), as I was getting reading to leave, decided to introduce myself and to wish our honorary member a happy birthday. “You are surrounded by a group of fine people!” Harley confided in me. And so, I left the lunch appointment invigorated as a Rotarian and proud of my club.
Thanks to those who organized this event and Michelle, of Pacifica Assisted Living, who arranged the room.
Youth Connection was established with a commitment of keeping Kern County youth out of the Juvenile Justice System. The goal of Youth Connection is to prevent delinquency though early intervention. Youth Connection improves the lives of children, ages 6-13, by connecting them to community programs in the hopes of redirecting their lives with positive structure program. We believe “Redirection by Connection” is the answer.
Dinner at the Derby is the annual grandiose fundraising event brought to you by Youth Connection and the Bakersfield North Rotary. This year is going to be held on April 13th at the Seven Oaks Country Club. For more information call 619-3344. All proceeds benefit the Youth Connection Program and the North Rotary Foundation.
See you there! 

“Our focus is to daily earn our trust of the community as a local Oil and Gas Company,” began Cynthia, the director of public affairs for Aera Energy. Rotarians gathered at 10000 Ming Ave at the Aera Corporate Building for an off-site visit of our local oil and gas company. Cynthia, who has been working for Aera for the last three years, introduced Felina and Janie her two new public officers. “Public Affairs is about opening and maintaining relations with our local communities and decision making people in order to operate in the territory.” Cynthia and her staff dedicate time and effort to educate the public on the benefits Aera brings to the community. “There is still a role for Oil and Gas Companies to operate by providing jobs, funds to non-profit organizations, and energy to our Country.”

Despite the recent oil crisis which saw the price of crude oil plummet from $110 to $40 a barrel, costing many jobs to other oil companies, Aera was able to maintain almost all of its employees thank to the dedication of leaders like Cynthia who visited and re-visited the operation management of the company cutting costs of over $300 million dollars. “This is efficiency,” proudly announced our presenter while leading the present Rotarians on a short tour of the Aera Tour Center. The different problem solving and innovating leadership approaches deployed by Aera Energy intrigued many of the present Rotarians and made this a memorable offsite for all.

“The goal is to provide interesting and useful educational classes to older adults,” began our guest speaker Dr. Allison with excitement and pride. Dr. Allison is the current director of the Levan Institute of Bakersfield. Dr. Norm Levan was the founder of this school who donated time, funds, and had the vision to begin this program through Bakersfield College. Dr. Levan desired to establish a culture of learning for adults over 65 years old of age. “I’m confident that this program meets the vision Dr. Levan had,” said Dr. Allison. Older people are more active, and they are mentally and physically healthier than they used to be. They seem to be looking for opportunities to grow. The Leven Institute provides resources for people to stay healthy and grow even after retirement. It also creates a venue for people to stay relevant to society by learning and eventually teaching to others skills which are useful. Some of the examples of classes are Social Media, Retirement planning, Golf, Music, Wine, and Writing. The Levan Institute is always looking for instructors to teach classes particularly on computer science, selling on eBay, and much more.
If you are looking for an opportunity to grow, to meet other people, or to teach a class, please visit the website below or call the Levan Institute and ask for Dr. Allison.
“Our goal is to make Kern County a better place to live through charitable giving,” began our guest Dr. Kimberly Beall. “Kern Community Foundation helps people support the causes they care about most. We connect generous donors – individuals, families, and businesses – to energize community members and organizations; matching their charitable interests with our community’s needs. The passion we share unites us, inspires us, and drives us toward a bold vision for the future – to make Kern County more vibrant, healthier, and stronger for all of its residents.” Started in 1999, KCF helps charitable organizations organize their fundraising efforts. KCF, also, generates capital to provide philanthropic solutions to  help Kern country become a better place.
Much of the Kern Community Foundation’s efforts go to improve the education level of its students in order to close the gap with the State average. Today, Kern County, shows 17% fewer college graduates compared to State average. In May 2017, out of KCF, Kern REDPIN was formed, a group of local leaders who share a vision to understand the root issues of low college graduation rates and has been working with North High School to ultimately find a solution to this pervasive problem. A year has been spent trying to compile data to understand what factors contribute to the low academic advancement and lack of desire to pursue post high school education. Once the issues are exposed, REDPIN will begin designing and implementing programs to address and eliminate some of these obstacles.  “Kern Community Foundation believes that college graduation is an important step toward achieving personal dreams for the future and we are here to help. We provide resources, funding, and learning opportunities for our scholarship recipients and their parents. We also work with local leaders in education to ensure that we all, as a community, increase the level of educational attainment in Kern County,” concluded our guest speaker. Rotary is curious to learn about the outcome of this project and hopes it will be implemented in other local and national schools. If you want to learn more about Kern Community Foundation, visit the website linked below!
“In 1955 a group of housewives petitioned the local government to open parks and a swimming pool in the Oildale area for their children,“ said Dave McArthur with North of the River Recreation and Park District. NOR offers a variety of programs from preschools, aquatic, meals on wheels, and much more. NOR covers an area of 215 sq mi where more than 135,000 residents live. The vision is to provide recreational areas for residents to enjoy the North part of Bakersfield.
NOR is funded by Quimby fees, Federal or State funds aimed to develop and sustain these areas. Private companies, such as Chevron, collaborate with NOR to establish recreational areas. Much of the work is to redevelop the existing areas as the condition of an area or park draws or deters people from enjoying what is offered. Unfortunately, vandalism is on the rise and dirty restrooms or building with graffiti discourage people from visiting these recreational areas. NOR works hard at keeping its properties clean and attractive.
“Lots to come,” said Dave, “as NOR owns 61 acres of undeveloped land. NOR has many ideas and private companies are interested in partnering with us to develop these areas so residents can enjoy nature, playgrounds, and play sports. Join the fun!” said Dave. Please visit the website to learn more about NOR.

“Breath should be like a gentle wave flowing through your body….just breathe, gently…by breathing this way heart rate, cholesterol, stress release hormones drop and provide you with ten times more oxygen your normally take in.” Our speaker got all the Rotarians to close their eyes, sit upright, and for 10 minutes experience the power of yoga. Helen Miller Lynch, a Swedish certified MediYoga teacher and therapist, delivered an unique program. After a rambunctious “fine” session with Jacob Panero, filling in for President Bob, Rotarians enjoyed a relaxing Yoga session. “I have a dream,” Helen announced “to  launch MediYoga in the U.S. healthcare.” This form of relaxation has been integrated in 180 Swedish hospitals and healthcare units thanks to its remarkable and scientifically proven results in improving the health of patients with cardiovascular diseases. Research shows that practicing yoga once a week for 12 weeks decreases fasting glucose and cholesterol blood levels cutting the intake of prescriptions a patient needs to take. Yoga is suitable for virtually everyone, including people with physical and psychological limitations. Whether, you are confined to a bed, a wheelchair user, or fully mobile, yoga offers plenty for you.

This was an interesting and unique change in topic. Thanks Helen for your life giving session and for the work you do to improve lives!

Click the link below to learn more about MediYoga.

“Thanks to all of you Rotarians for your efforts and involvement in our school. We are determined to help our students succeed once they exit the academic world and jump into the workplace where they will be able to embrace new opportunities and challenges. In order for our students to succeed, we have launched 18 different pathways or programs, which will lead students to college enrollment or post high school employment. We invest in our students’ futures because it is our students who will shape the future. Thank you for your support. ” Dr. Balch, Principal of North High, opened today’s off site North Bakersfield Rotary meeting. Our President Bob facilitated the introduction: students were asked to say their names and to announce the career or school path of choice if amongst the seniors. Jill, North High Advisor, introduced her team of Interact leadership body made up of six girls. Jill also briefed all the present participants with all the activities the Interact club has been involved in: symphony, thanksgiving baskets, Christmas lights at CALM, and many others. Presently, the students are putting together a project to feed lunch to the homeless. Their efforts will involve raising money to purchase food items and hand food bags to those less fortunate.
Rotarians followed with an introduction, stating names and occupations. However, as soon as we thought it was over, Sheri and Jacob were put on the spot with a “North High Trivia” led by our show host Bob Brumfield. Now, would you reader, be able to answer these two questions:
  1. How would North High school staff determine if the length of dress meets school dress code?
  2. What’s the North High tattoo policy?
Thanks to all who participated and to the students and North High staff who made this day eventful for us Rotarians. 
Were you inspired to try the first five basic positions of ballet? “Kern Dancing Alliance is closing out 2017 and we could not be more thrilled with our local impact in our second year of operation!” said Andrea Hanson our speaker for today lunch. Over 6,000 community members reached, new programs launched, scholarships provided, and a Beautiful Bakersfield Award Nomination made for a wonderful year. Kern Dance Alliance is an autonomous organization that advocates for the variety of dance organizations in Kern County; whether they are private studios, school programs, or groups that promote cultural dance. The role of KDA is to simply act as a conduit to connect dance organizations with the community and therefore produce a rich and diverse dance network. KDA provides four pillars of resources related to the field of dance. Please visit its web site to learn more about this organization
George Poulakos challenged us with an opportunity: Ventura Rotary Club’s grant aims to stop sex trafficking and abuse in Zambia, where 80% of people live below poverty level. High school requires parents to pay for uniforms and fees so most students, particularly girls, cannot afford school. In order to pursue higher education, girls engage in “immoral activities” in order to raise money. Customers are usually truck drivers who transition through the country and are stranded for even up to 9 days  at border control before entering neighboring countries. The need for money and the idling activities of truck drivers fan an environment for illicit activities.
“Ray of Hope.”, a privately funded school, provides sewing, computer training, and restaurant catering to make these girls competitive in the marketplace. Livingston, capital of Zambia, has a small rotary club which focuses to raise global grants to fund schools like Ray of hope. Ventura Rotary Club wants to obtain a global grant which will fund scholarships for 50 girls over a period of 3 years.
In Africa, Rotary means honesty, trustworthiness, and high functionality in raising resources and accomplishing excellent endeavors. Rotary does make a difference worldwide!
To obtain this global grant toward economic development three requirements must be met: sustainability of the project in Zambia, availability to make it happen, and funds to be able to make sure the grant is put to fruition. Funds are needed to support those who will be involved, like George Poulakos,  in guaranteeing the grant reaches the goal established. Thanks George for this heart breaking but eye opening presentation.
First Tuesday meeting of the year 2018 “took off” with a presentation hosted by Richard Strickland, Kern County Airport Director. Mr. Strickland comes from a long experience in airport management and has been improving its service. The goal is to expand the runway to be able to allow larger aircraft to land and to increase the number of flights. Our guest, today, helped us understand how intricate his position is: it’s a combination of obtaining state grants, analyzing the demand to understand which routes to activate, while working with air companies to create better and more services for our city of Bakersfield. “Oil industry had a big effect!” Mr Strickland said. We can all imagine that once the price per barrel dropped, causing our local oil industry to shrink, flights to Texas and other states have become less in demand to the point that air companies terminated the service. However, now that the oil industry seems to be improving, the possibility of reopening this route is increasingly feasible.,
Such an interesting topic was followed by many questions: “why not a flight to Sacramento?” asked one rotarian, or “to LAX?” wondered another; “smaller aircraft to accommodate fewer passengers,” suggested someone; “why not International?” inquired another. Mr R. Strickland answered all the questions with knowledge about the topic. “Kern County Airport” was a great choice to open the new year. Thanks Mr. Strickland and best wishes on your endeavor.
Welcome to 2018!  I hope everyone had a great holiday with family, friends, loved ones, and so forth.
I sent out to the membership the recap of the Rose Bowl float sponsored by Rotary.  I was not at the parade, but was at my parents in La Canada and we went down to the construction site of La Canada's float and watched it being judged the day before the parade.  That was truly fun.  One thing you may not think about is how good the floats smell being adorned in fresh flowers!
This was La Canada's 40th straight year of having a float in the Rose Parade and, like the Rotary float, it was an award winner again! A copy of that float at close range just before the judging is below.
Come join us this coming Tuesday as we hear from the director of our local airports!  See you then.
President Bob Brumfield
Christmas is nearing and members of Bakersfield North Rotary along with guests enjoyed a concert provided by the Bakersfield North High School Choir. This event is always a favorite meeting of the club! A talented group of sixteen, mostly sophomores, led by Mr Bertrand , chorus director of North High School, delighted today’s participants with classic carols and some less known ancient ones, dating back 700 years.  What an unique experience! But this event was, I’m sure, memorable to the choir as well. Upon completion of the Christmas carol medley, Mr. Bertrand invited us Rotarians to contribute toward an upcoming overnight trip to Los Angeles area in order to perform at different events concluding this tour  in Disneyland as a reward to the students. In exchange for a donation of $5, the choir would call anybody in the world on behalf of the donor and sing a carol song on the phone. Little did they know that a check of $500 was going to be donated to them following the event! The gasps from some of students was priceless! However, some Rotarians decided to delight some of their loved ones with a Christmas song and donated money to the choir. What a joyful moment!
ʼTis the season to enjoy good food and time with family and friends: may this Christmas holiday be memorable for all of you. See you next year!
"Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF) provides a crucial medical service to those who cannot afford health insurance and don't qualify for any state funded programs. Those people who are hard workers and harvested the salad you and I are enjoying today!" Dr. Jorge Enriquez began his presentation with this powerful statement. Dr. Enriquez, a well know Bakersfield surgeon continued: "We are an organization who has a professional network of providers, qualified and certified in the state of California. All of them committed for their motivation, maturity, and responsibility to help the most needed in our community - the ones who cannot access health services due to lack of medical insurance."
In many cases, they delay their medical attention because they can’t access treatment, worsening their condition day by day. C.S.F. partners with hospitals, surgical centers, providers, specialists, labs, imaging facilities, etc., to reduced fees for their services, lowered in such a way a total cost to the patient for a surgery is $5 - 6,000.
Furthermore, C.S.F. offers consultations and coaching to these individuals in order to improve their health, aiming to reduce the critical care which arises due to the lack of self care.
The foundation of C.S.F. instead raises money to support those qualifying individuals who, despite their jobs, cannot even pay the basic fee. Many financial partners contribute through organized events or individual donations to the funds necessary to carry on this valuable service to our community and beyond.
Thank you Dr. Enriquez Mrs. Carla Tezzares, and Mr. Alfonso Garcia, who were present today, and all their CSF staff for your life changing endeavors.
“We are here for our clients by providing jobs,” said Dave who has been working with BARC for 25 years. BARC’s mission is to build stronger communities by helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve individual goals for a better life. Dave Kyle, BARC C.C.O., was our guest for today’s lunch. BARC provides support, housing, and numerous services to people with disabilities boasting the title of the largest provider of jobs for adults with mental and developmental disabilities in the County. Local industries partner with BARC to employ people offering them a sense of independence and contribution to the community. Recycling, tire shredding, embroidery, and clerk assistance at local grocery stores are some of the positions the people of BARC occupy on any given day.
BARC receives 55% of its annual budget from local industries and thanks to its ability to manage its resource well, every dollar invested in its programs returns to the community yielding an average of $8 in salaries and expense coverage. At the end of his presentation, Mr. Kyle concluded with a Q&A that led participants to better appreciate what BARC offers. BARC is always looking for donations and partnerships with industries to continue its vital operation.
“It’s all about restoring the promises: better business climate, better quality of life, better cost of living, and ultimately better opportunities for California residents.” John Cox, a prospective California Governor candidate spoke at our club today. Mr. Cox, with Neighborhood Legislature, presented a heartfelt and striking speech emphasizing the need to reform our political system, where currently career statesmen tailor their decisions according to what best benefits their political party affiliations rather than what is best for the community.
John, a C.P.A., was here to introduce an initiative: the Neighborhood Legislation. Supported by 800,000 signatures, it will be presented as a ballot next fall. “The “narrow special interests” are what drive California politics when funds are directed to politicians in exchange for favors making it extremely difficult for voters to have a real voice.
What’s the solution? Creating tiny districts by dividing the current 120 districts into 100 parts each, or 12,000 “neighborhood districts.” The outcome will eliminate the need for astronomical funds in order to run for State Legislature and replace career politicians with public minded representatives. This initiative will provide willing local leaders to bring their ideas to the governing body, to vote on them, and to have a direct influence on legislation rather than feeling disconnected from their current state representatives.
Here’s another great topic worth debating at dinner table. Enjoy it!
To learn more about this initiative, please click the link below.
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May 1-- DARK for Mixer
May 22-- Get to Know Your Fellow Rotarians
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May 31-- DARK
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