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Bakersfield North

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Petroleum Club of Bakersfield
5060 California Avenue
Bakersfield, CA  93309-0728
United States of America
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Club Information

Bakersfield North

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Petroleum Club of Bakersfield
5060 California Avenue
Bakersfield, CA  93309-0728
United States of America
District Site
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"Once we meet our goal, we will get to see Dan dressed in a piggy suit!" this was the motivation behind the $2,500 raised during President Patty Keefer's first half of her presidency. Quickly, people became determined to donate and the goal was reached on January 28th, 2020. This has being made possible by the generosity of many, the fun spirit of Mr. Dan, and the remarkable leadership of Patty. Enjoy the picture! 
Appreciate Life at North Rotary.
Every year, Bakersfield North Rotary, other local Rotary Clubs, and sponsors organize and fund KernYes initiative. Its purpose is "to empower the hearts and minds of Kern County’s high school students to become models of character, leadership, and service." This is what KernYes website explains "Combining community and understanding, KernYES! unites youth from throughout Kern County for a one-day youth empowerment summit (YES). This summit focuses on each student’s personal growth and development through group dynamics, workshops, and speakers that address the key components of ethics, diversity, team building, and leadership. By strengthening understanding of the social issues of their community, Kern County’s high school students will return to their campuses inspired and motivated. Through personal empowerment, they become campus ambassadors who demonstrate a strong commitment to “Service Above Self” by creating positive and impactful change in their life and the lives of others (from" 
Bakersfield North Rotarians participating in the Holiday Families shopping experience! We shop from wish lists submitted by the children’s therapists. After shopping, they wrap approximately 3000 gifts for families and next weekend distribute- All for the families who have children being treated at the Henrietta Weill Memorial Child Guidance Clinic! I am so honored to serve as the president of both of these board of directors this year! What an amazing experience!!! Shout out to Candy Coats for raising $40k for the project and for the $2K BNR Foundation contributed! Fun shopping with Past President Lee Meyer and member John O’Leary today!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
The rain did not deter Bakersfield North Rotary and many volunteers to pack and deliver 350 meals to local families. This is a tradition which draws more and more volunteers each year. Kirk Hessler put it well:"It amazes me how much this event has grown over the years drawing volunteers and becoming so efficient where in a matter of two hours food is picked up, delivered, assembled, and distributed!" Thanks Rotarians for your generosity! Thanks to the generosity of many and a grant from Chevron! More pictures uploaded to the album below.
"The Wine Mafia plays a special role in supplementing our available dollars that are invested each and every year in both High School Scholarships and local donations.  The success of this event is dependent on the participation (at some level) of all of our members.  I would like to honor the following people for coming on-board this year with the poem below:" (from the desk of Don Zane Smith)

Varner Brother (Dan & Jacob Panero) - Bynum Inc. - Ira & Carole Cohen - Advance Distribution (Terry Hearron) -Taft College - Bernie LeBeau - Blackwell - Zane & Amy Smith - Cathy Bennett - M&S Security - Marvin Fuller

Patrick Hoffman - Lee Meyer - Jeff Barnhardt

Capo di tutti i capi

Heavy is the crown of the Sicilian don
in pinstriped Armani suit and iron hand,
he rules all the underworld's going ons
from NYC to Miami, Vegas & Hollywoodland.

He's the boss of all bosses lives high class
running all the games and the cons,
from his own bastion he'll kill ya so fas....
theres no place you can hide if you run.

He runs the families of la Cosa Nostra
crime syndicates all over every big city,
feeds off the illegal profits  but he musta
in every American town without any pity.

If you care to join them you must be Italian
or Sicilian by your birth without exception,
climb up the ladder with the force of a gun
gotta start a "made man" a greeted reception.

You gotta be tough and you gotta have balls,
if one day you get to be on the very top,
one slip of the tongue and you'll quickly fall
from the noise of a tommy gun's loud pop.

In this organization you can't ever slip up,
gotta trust nobody only your own instincts,
you can't break the rules the Mafia's corrupt
on your wiseguy head'll come the leaded zincs.

Pretty soon you'll be sleeping with the fishes
on the bottom of the river in a coat of cement,
when joining the Mafia kiss away all those wishes
for honor among thieves ain't a great compliment.

Once you're in it you are in it for life,
a pact made with your blood as a seal,
they'll slaughter your family and your wife,
for no one is exempt from the mafioso kill!
Please consider participating. 
Grazie mille!

One quarter down and three to go!  Whew!  What an incredibly satisfying whirlwind it has been, with two socials under our belt, a number of donations distributed by our amazing Foundation, and one community service project completed thus far, we are definitely off to a great start and I truly hope that you are appreciating life in Rotary as much as I am! 

 Behind the scenes we have a great deal of work being done on several projects to promote Rotary and serve the community.  A heart-felt thank you to Zane Smith, Grants Chair for taking on the task of drafting a Group 2 (Bakersfield clubs) Public Image Grant.  With this $1,000 grant if awarded, a We are Rotary public service announcement will be made focusing on the great work done by Bakersfield Rotary Clubs and will include a call to action for others to join Rotary!

In addition to this grant project, “Covey Cottages,” the tiny homes veteran village, is one step closer to coming to fruition.  For those that do not already know, Group 2 Rotary Clubs and others have participated in a District Designated Grant project to build the community house at the village. 

Looking ahead, in October, we are gearing up for the holiday season with our Fall Social at the McCalley’s on October 25, 2019 6-9pm, Trunk or Treat and fining for thanksgiving baskets!  Be ready to open your hearts and wallets to ensure we can deliver on our annual promise for a family meal for the residents of North Bakersfield!   Thank you for your continued service and friendships!  You are appreciated!

Get ready Oildale for the annual Trunk & Treat. Coming to your neighborhood on October 28th, 2019
It was very inspirational to listen to our recently elected District Governor as she addressed Bakersfield North Rotarians. Savi's words highlighted some of our club's virtues: generosity, longevity, and celebrated the contributions our club of 50 members has offered the community. More about Savi's visit in our monthly newsletter. 
(Savi Bhim and member Ray Mish)
"Is today a school day?" the 6 year old boy assigned to me inquired. "No, it's a summer vacation day!" I replied. "Good! I'll wear my new pajamas all day long!" he answered enthusiastically. Even this year, BNR will be privileged to fully clothe a student from Standard Elementary school. Come to Kohl's on August 3rd to participate in this event. 
With the first meeting of 2019-20 now a
thing of the past (Whew!), I’d like to say thank you again for being members of Bakersfield North Rotary! Let’s make it a great year, strive to fill the appreciation bank and accomplish the goals that make us the BEST Rotary Club in BAKERSFIELD!
I want to say what an honor and privilege it was to represent the club for the last year. 
It has been an enjoyable as well as challenging year for me.  The Rotary International theme for this year was “Be the Inspiration” and I hope I was able to live up to that.  My theme was “Service Above Self is not Rocket Science” and our club has demonstrated that over again and again.  We get it done.  Thanks to all the past presidents that have made the great club it is today.  I started with an incredible club and I would like to think it is a little better now.  I say that because I have had a lot of help in organizing the weekly meetings, fund-raisers, socials, community service projects, our Interact program and newsletters.   The key features of the weekly meetings are having the banners and flag in place, books to sign, functioning PA system, front table sign-in, raffle ticket sales and quality programs.  The fund-raisers take a lot of time to organize, getting individual and company sponsorships, membership attendance and participation in the silent and oral auctions.  The financial health is critically important and we are fortunate in having a treasurer that keeps us financially solvent and that billings and payments are on time. The service projects also take time to organize and having the resources available to make them successful.  For many of you I know the socials are the highlight of the year and we all enjoy them, but again it takes a lot of time to prepare getting supplies and setting up for the event.  We have continued to have active Paul Harris clubs so we can contribute to the Rotary International Foundation. This year we were able to contribute $8,500 to Polio Plus through the Paul Harris clubs. Our Thanksgiving basket program contributing 350 baskets to needy families has gotten a lot of attention within the district and locally.  Our foundation has assets of $516,000 and has disbursed $84,000 to local charities this year.  The largest single entity was $21,000 for scholarships.  If we add the $70,000 that goes to Youth Connection from Dinner at the Derby, $8,500 to Rotary International and $15,000 for Thanksgiving Baskets and LiFT, our total disbursements add up to $177,500.  That’s very impressive for a club of 50 members.
As a result of our club achieving or exceeding the goals set forth by Rotary International, I am happy to announce that our club will receive the Rotary International Rotary Citation With Presidential DistinctionThis is awarded to clubs that have met their club goals and strengthened the club, focused on and increased humanitarian services and enhanced public image and awareness.  I am not aware that our club has ever received this citation.
Thank you to Bob Brumfield, Sheri Horn-Bunk and Kirk Hessler for organizing my demotion.  As always the food from Luigi’s was delicious and plentiful. The “Rocketman” theme was innovative and a lot of fun.  I have gotten many comments on Facebook and from friends about the incredible Elton John jacket and glasses outfit. 
I look forward to another great year with the leadership of Patty Keefer.  I know she has the energy, ingenuity and vision to make it a great year.
Pic. Lee and wife Marvis: "I wouldn't have been able to be the president without the support of my wife!
I believe this cartoon captures how the few past Presidents I have interviewed felt toward the end of their terms! What a wonderful year has been. Thank you President Lee for your service above self.
“My job as Cadre Technical Advisor is to evaluate that our projects are well funded and worth the cause!” Many pf the projects concern water sanitation and peace & conflict resolution. Wade traveled to more than 50 countries during his service, visiting sites where projects where implemented. “Training is also very important: we aim to educate indigenous people to cultivate their own food for sustainable healthy food growth!” Mr. Nomura impacted the present Rotarians when he shared how often communities asked for help with education but the needs are usually more basic like water wells. Nomura concluded: “It’s difficult to open schools and provide education for the kids, if they still drink contaminated water causing  widespread  dysentery diseases!” Thanks to Rotarians like Wade Nomura and those members like you and I, the world is changing. 
"Thank you to the members of BNR who could make it out to the DTA today!  I hope you gained some valuable insight into your upcoming roles on the Board of Directors!  I am so blessed to serve with each and every one of you!  We will make it a year to remember!" President Elect Patty Keefer.
We had another fun Bakersfield North Rotary Charter Night at Luigi’s on Feb. 26, with great food with live entertainment from the Noral Twins. The Paul Harris Fellow awards were presented to to Matt Hessler by Kirk Hessler, Don and Dave Bynum by Greg Bynum, and Kenny Mounts by Ray Mish!  The Community Service Paul Harris was awarded to Ray Mish for his distinguished service and contributions to Rotary.  Keith Stonebraker will make an additional Paul Harris Fellow presentation at Cinco de Mayo.  We will also present a Community Service award to Mary Kay Shell’s (deceased) family at a regular meeting in the next month.  Our clubs contribution to the Paul Harris Foundation this year is $7,000.
Our offsite at North High School on Jan.29 had good student participation. The high school principal was there to welcome us and Jill Vidal, the student advisor, announced that she will be leaving North High and moving to Texas. She was very instrumental in revitalizing the Interact club.  We will miss her. Lee Meyer presented information on the mission of Rotary International and where the BNR foundation money is spent (photo courtesy of LJ Radon).
Do you know how a person becomes RI President? Well, if you are like me and you have never asked yourself this question, the recent issue of The Rotarian dedicated an article to this topic.
Here are the steps:
1st. Serve as Club President - any member in good standing who served in a leadership role within the club. One year term.
2nd. Serve as District Governor - any club presidents with at least 7 years of membership. This position is selected by each district through a nominating committee, ballot by mail, or district conference. Serves for one year. 
3rd. Serve as RI Director - every year, eight or nine of Rotary's 34 zones each selects a director for a two year term. There is an interview process. 
4th. Serve as RI President - every year, half of Rotary's zone get the opportunity to select a president through their representatives on the 17-member presidential nominating committee. Presidents chose their vice president and treasurer from among the second-year RI directors. The term is one year.
Our current president is Mr. Barry Rassin (picture above). 

"Hats have been getting more and more elaborate each year. People are buying them online. The fascinator, after the wedding of the prince (William), that got more popular" said Linda Pounds, event co-chairwoman. This year, North Rotary's traditional Dinner at the Derby will be held on April 12th, 2019"The Rotarians are great at getting sponsorships for us. They have been amazing for us" Linda continues. Youth Connection is a not-for-profit organization supporting at-risk children in the 6- to 13-year-old age group."We connect at-risk kids with various services, the gap kids who don't get help anywhere else to help prevent them from getting into the system." Pounds said services range from after-school activities and one-on-one tutoring to covering athletic team fees or sports equipment. More details to follow.

[from an article published on April 16. 2014 in The Bakersfield Californian. 2019's event scheduled for April 12th]

The Past Presidents Christmas party was held at The BLVD on Dec. 4. The party was well attended and entertaining for the past presidents and spouses.
Offsite at The Mission of Kern County – I was not able to attend but I thank Carlos Baldovinos for hosting the event.
We had a special Christmas luncheon on Dec. 18 with many spouses and family members attending to hear the North High choir. This is an outstanding group of young talented students. The Foundation gave the choir a check for $500 to help with their goal to collect $10,000 for a tour.
I also wanted to remind you to enjoy our Rotary Rose Parade Float in the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Years Day (BNR gave money to support the float), where we are featuring Rotary International President Barry Rassin and his wife Esther.  We are number 51 entry and roughly in the center of the Parade.
Merry Christmas!
Choir director Jack Bertrand accompanied by a mixed group of young men and women delighted present Rotarians with classical and jazz adaptations of Christmas Carols. The group composed of sopranos, altos, tenors, and baritones dedicates even up to 20 hours a week in music classes, rehearsing for band and choir performances. "They are very talented and dedicate much of their time improving their skills!" announced director Bertrand. What a pleasant and seasonally "tuned" program to open this 2018 Christmas Holiday!
350 baskets donated! Bakersfield North Rotary members, with the help of many volunteers from Standard Middle Schools, Bakersfield Police Department, Bakersfield Sheriff Department, and many others distributed 350 Thanksgiving meals to those in need. Each meal fed a family of 4 with turkey, peas, corn, pumpkin pie, and more! Why we do it? it is service above self!
August 28, 2018
Dear BNR Member,
You are cordially invited by the Administration to join in a meeting of the Families to break bread, savor Italian vintages, and enjoy entertainment from the old country.  The DONs and DONNAs of Bakersfield North Rotary (Wine Mafia) are hosting our annual Wine Mafia Dinner benefitting local youth charities and college scholarships for students attending North High School and Frontier High School. 
 believe that a person of your….....unique….....character qualities would be fitting at our dinner of sophistication.  So, we would be honored if you would humble us by sponsoring  attending our summit.  In fact, when you consider the company, the food, the wine, and the cause, we are sure you will find that this decision is no decision at all.  Make Us an Offer We Can’t Refuse!
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018
Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Contact our club for more details
Password: “Swim with the Fishes”
With all respect,
DON Jacob Panero
“A Lawyer with wine in his briefcase is more dangerous than a hundred made guys with tommy-guns!”
                                                                                                -DON Dan Panero
Have you registered for the 2018 District 5240 Conference in Bakersfield yet?  If not, time is running out! The conference will be held October 5-6, 2018, at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Bakersfield.

Reserve your room at the conference hotel by SEPTEMBER 10th to get the special convention rate of $99 per night.
Reasons to attend:
  • Human trafficking is a criminal enterprise active in our district. You as an individual, your club, and our District can bring together organizations and local governments to stop human trafficking. Rotary is prepared to take on this challenge, so join us and learn what you can do.
  • Can we successfully wage peace? Find out from someone who is literally on the front line. Hear how we can progress towards peace and be a key participant in moving this Rotary Focus Area forward.
  • Rotarians around the world are steadfastly united in the effort to eradicate polio.  Join us at the conference and together we’ll raise a glass at Temblor Brewing Company toward the elimination of this deadly disease. We are not done eradicating this horrible disease and we won’t rest until we are done.
  • Take a very short, fun walk and have a pajama party with DG Sandi. Earn some pastries, coffee, and share a fun morning with your fellow Rotarians.
  • Get “In the Mood to Inspire” at the Rotary Foundation Gala with an al fresco dinner and dance to the big band sound of Foster Campbell and Friends.
  • Project exposition and vendor fair.
  • Concurrent New Generations Conference.
  • Fun! Friends! Fellowship!
The Conference will provide you with actionable ideas and new friends to make the world a better place.
There are opportunities to be recognized as a sponsor throughout the entire conference.
See you there!
Meeting Responsibilities
February 11th, 2020
Canez, Xavier
Panero, Dan E.
February 18th, 2020
Dark for Charter Night
February 25th, 2020
OFF SITE: North High School
Dark for Charter's Night
Feb 18, 2020 12:00 PM
Charter Night at Luigi's
Feb 18, 2020 5:30 PM
Feb 22, 2020 8:00 AM
OFFSITE: North High School
Feb 25, 2020 12:00 PM
Colorectal Cancer Awareness
Mar 10, 2020 12:00 PM
Dinner At The Derby
Apr 03, 2020 6:00 PM
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