George Poulakos challenged us with an opportunity: Ventura Rotary Club’s grant aims to stop sex trafficking and abuse in Zambia, where 80% of people live below poverty level. High school requires parents to pay for uniforms and fees so most students, particularly girls, cannot afford school. In order to pursue higher education, girls engage in “immoral activities” in order to raise money. Customers are usually truck drivers who transition through the country and are stranded for even up to 9 days  at border control before entering neighboring countries. The need for money and the idling activities of truck drivers fan an environment for illicit activities.
“Ray of Hope.”, a privately funded school, provides sewing, computer training, and restaurant catering to make these girls competitive in the marketplace. Livingston, capital of Zambia, has a small rotary club which focuses to raise global grants to fund schools like Ray of hope. Ventura Rotary Club wants to obtain a global grant which will fund scholarships for 50 girls over a period of 3 years.
In Africa, Rotary means honesty, trustworthiness, and high functionality in raising resources and accomplishing excellent endeavors. Rotary does make a difference worldwide!
To obtain this global grant toward economic development three requirements must be met: sustainability of the project in Zambia, availability to make it happen, and funds to be able to make sure the grant is put to fruition. Funds are needed to support those who will be involved, like George Poulakos,  in guaranteeing the grant reaches the goal established. Thanks George for this heart breaking but eye opening presentation.