Do you know how a person becomes RI President? Well, if you are like me and you have never asked yourself this question, the recent issue of The Rotarian dedicated an article to this topic.
Here are the steps:
1st. Serve as Club President - any member in good standing who served in a leadership role within the club. One year term.
2nd. Serve as District Governor - any club presidents with at least 7 years of membership. This position is selected by each district through a nominating committee, ballot by mail, or district conference. Serves for one year. 
3rd. Serve as RI Director - every year, eight or nine of Rotary's 34 zones each selects a director for a two year term. There is an interview process. 
4th. Serve as RI President - every year, half of Rotary's zone get the opportunity to select a president through their representatives on the 17-member presidential nominating committee. Presidents chose their vice president and treasurer from among the second-year RI directors. The term is one year.
Our current president is Mr. Barry Rassin (picture above).